Macey Flood, PhD

she/her and they/them

Visiting Scholar, Institute of Bioethics & Health Humanities, UTMB Galveston

contact: maceyflood at gmail dot com

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Hi. I'm Macey. I'm a queer white settler scholar of medical pluralism, settler colonialism, Indigenous history, and environment. I study what health meant and what medicine did in the context of US settler colonialism, particularly in Anishinaabe tribal communities in the present-day US/Turtle Island. I also do public-facing and participatory work with other "plant people" - herbalists, conservationists, gardeners, cooks. We're curious how story-telling and story-listening can unearth, amplify, examine, and heal ruptures and continuities in the personal and community histories of people and plants. I think a lot about how narratives such as histories impact our collective health and wellbeing. I’m committed to research and education as essential tools for social change.

I am an herbalist by training (western eclectic tradition), a fan of speculative fiction and all things outdoors, and a parent to the most hilarious, ridiculous, excellent young human.

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